[About twenty-five years ago on Yuşa Tepesi (Mount Joshua) above the Istanbul Bosphorus, at a time I had decided to give up the world, a number of important friends came to me in order to call me back to the world and my former position. I told them to leave me till the following morning so that I could seek guidance. That morning the following two Tables were imparted to my heart. They resemble poetry, but they are not. I have not changed them for the sake of that blessed memory, and they have been kept as they occurred to me. They were added to the Twenty-Third Word, and now have been included here on account of their ‘station’. ]


The Table depicting the reality of the world of the heedless.

Don’t call me to the world; -- I came, and saw it was transitory.

Heedlessness was a veil; -- I saw the light of truth was concealed.

All the beings in existence, -- I saw were ephemeral, harmful.

If you say, being, I dressed in it; -- Alas! It was non-being; I suffered much!

If you say, life, I tasted it; -- I saw it was torment upon torment.

The mind became pure torture; -- I saw permanence to be tribulation.

Life became pure whim; -- I saw attainment to be pure loss.

Deeds became pure hypocrisy; -- I saw hopes to be pure pain.

Union became parting itself; -- I saw the cure to be the ill.

These lights became darkness; -- I saw these friends to be orphans.

These voices became announcements of death; -- I saw the living to be dead.

Knowledge was transformed into fancy; -- I saw in science a thousand ailments.

Pleasure became pure pain; -- I saw existence to be compounded non-existence.

If you say the Beloved, I found him; -- Alas! On separation I suffered grievous pain.


The Table indicating the reality of the world of

the people of guidance, those with easy hearts.

Then the heedlessness passed, -- And I saw the light of truth clearly.

Existence became the proof of God; -- See, life is the mirror of God.

The mind became the key to treasuries. -- See, transience is the door to permanence.

The spark of perfection died, -- But, behold the Sun of Beauty!

Separation became true union; -- See, pain is pure pleasure.

Life became pure action; -- See, eternity is pure life.

Darkness became the container of light; -- See, there is true life in death.

All things became familiar; -- See, all sounds are the mentioning of God.

All the atoms in existence -- See, each recites God’s praises and extols Him.

I found poverty to be a treasury of wealth; -- See, in impotence is perfect strength.

If you find God, -- See, all things are yours.

If you are the slave of the Owner of All Things, -- See, His property is yours.

If you are arrogant and claim to own yourself, -- See, it is trial and tribulation without end;

Experience its boundless torment; -- See, it is a calamity most crushing.

If you are a true slave of God, -- See, it is a limitless pleasure and ease.

Taste its uncountable rewards, -- Experience its infinite happiness...