Second Aim

[The Second Aim points out a single gem from the treasure of the following verse,

and concerns the transformation of minute particles.]

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

And yet, the unbelievers assert, “Never will the Hour come upon us!” Say, “Nay! But most surely, by my Sustainer, it will come upon you – by Him Who knows the Unseen, – from Whom is not hidden the least little atom in the heavens or on the earth, nor is there anything less than that, or greater, but it is in the Clear Book.1


The transformation of particles are the vibrations and wanderings that occur while the signs of creation are being written in the book of the universe by the pen of power of the Pre-Eternal Inscriber. They are not games of chance and jumbled meaningless motion like the Materialists and Naturalists fancy. For like all beings, every particle says “In the Name of God” at the start of its motion, and it raises loads infinitely exceeding its strength. For example, a seed the size of a grain of wheat shoulders a load the size of a huge pine-tree. And on completion of its duty, it says “All praise be to God.” For by exhibiting an art that is beautiful and full of purpose and a decoration that is fine and full of benefits which astound all minds, it displays a work of art like an ode in praise of the Glorious Maker. Look carefully at pomegranates and ears of corn, for example.

Indeed, the transformations of particles are the motion and meaningful vibrations that proceed according to the dictation and principles of the ‘Clear Record,’ which is a title of Divine knowledge and command and is the arrangement of the past origin and future progeny of everything in the World of the Unseen. They proceed by means of transcription from the ‘Clear Book,’ which is a title for Divine power and will and is formed of present time and the Manifest World and consists of the free disposal of that power and will in the creation of things. Thus, this motion and meaningful vibration proceed from the writing and drawing of the words of power in the ‘Tablet of Effacement and Reaffirmation,’ which is a metaphorical page, and the reality of the stream of time.

{(*) This footnote is an explanation of the long sentence [here, a paragraph] defining the transformations of minute particles, which is the subject of the Second Aim.

The Clear Record and the Clear Book are repeated in several places in the All-Wise Qur'an. One group of commentators on the Qur'an maintained that they are the same, while others stated that they are different from one another. Their explanations as to their true meanings were diverse, but in short they agreed that they are both titles to describe Divine knowledge. However, through the effulgence of the Qur'an, I came to the conclusion that the Clear Record, which looks more to the World of the Unseen than to the Manifest World, was a title for one aspect of God's knowledge and His command. That is to say, it looks more to the past and future than to present time. It looks more to the origin and progeny and to the roots and seeds of everything, rather than to them in their visible existence. It is a notebook for Divine Determining. The existence of this notebook has been proved in the Twenty-Sixth Word and also in the footnote of the Tenth Word.

Yes, this Clear Record is a sort of title for the knowledge and commands of God. That is to say, the origins, sources and roots from which things are brought into existence with perfect order and art show that they must be arranged in accordance with a notebook of the principles of Divine knowledge. And because the results, progeny, and seeds of things contain the indexes and programmes of beings which will come into existence subsequently, they indicate that they must be a small register of Divine commands.

For example, a seed may be seen as the programme and index that will give form to the structure of the whole tree, and, furthermore, as the tiny embodiment of the commands that cause the tree to come into existence and determine its programmes and indexes. In short, the Clear Record is like an index and programme of the tree of creation, which spreads its branches through every part of the past and the future, and of the World of the Unseen. In this sense, the Clear Record is a notebook and register of the principles of Divine Determining. Through the dictation and requirement of those principles, particles are employed in their duties and motion in things, as those things come into existence.

As for the Clear Book, it looks more to the Manifest World than to the World of the Unseen. That is to say, it looks more to present time than to the past and the future. It is a title, a notebook, a book of the will and power of God, rather than of His knowledge and commands. If the Clear Record is the notebook for Divine Determining, the Clear Book is the notebook for Divine power. That is to say, the fact that everything in its existence, essence, attributes and functions displays perfect art and order proves that it has been given existence through the laws of an effective will and the principles of a flawless power. And, as well as its specified and individual form, everything has been given an appointed measure and particular shape. Therefore, the power and will have a universal and comprehensive register of laws, a great ledger, according to which the particular form and substance of everything is cut out, sewn and clothed. The existence of this ledger, like the Clear Record, has been proved among the questions of Divine Determining and man's will in the Twenty-Sixth Word.

Just look at the stupidity of the people of neglect, misguidance and philosophy, they have perceived that 'Preserved Tablet' of creative power, and the manifestation, reflection, and demonstration in things of that perspicaciously written book of dominical wisdom and will, and yet, God forbid, by naming it 'nature,' they have made it completely meaningless. Whereas, by means of the dictation of the Clear Record, that is, through the decree and instruction of Divine Determining, Divine Power is creating the chain of beings, each link of which is a sign in the creation of things. It is causing the motion of particles, it is writing on the metaphorical page of time, which is called the Tablet of Effacement and Reaffirmation.

Thus, the motion of particles is the vibration and motion from that writing and transcription, which occurs while beings pass from the World of the Unseen to the Manifest World, as they pass from knowledge to power. And as for the Tablet of Effacement of Reaffirmation, it is a slate for writing and erasing, an ever-changing notebook of the Supreme Preserved Tablet, which is fixed and constant. It is its notebook in the sphere of contingency, where all things are unceasing manifestations of life and death, existence and ephemerality. And this is the reality of time. Indeed, what we call time, which is a mighty river flowing in creation, has a reality like everything else. Its reality is like the ink and the page of the writing of Power in the Tablet of Effacement and Reaffirmation.

None knows the Unseen, save God.}