This Point is an indication to the sixth example of the mighty instances of wisdom in the motion of particles, which was promised at the end of the First Point.

As was stated in the footnote of the answer to the Second Question in the Twenty-Eighth Word, a further instance of wisdom of the thousands contained in the transformations of particles and their motion in the bodies of animate beings, is to illuminate the particles and to make them alive and meaningful in order to be fitting for the construction of the world of the hereafter. It is as if the bodies of animals and humans, and even plants, are like guest-houses, barracks, and schools for those who enter in order to take lessons and be trained; inanimate particles enter them and are illuminated. Simply, the particles receive training and instruction and acquire a fineness. By fulfilling different duties, they become worthy to be particles in the world of permanence and the realm of the hereafter, which is alive with all of its elements.

Question: How is it known that there is this wisdom in the motion of particles?

Answer: Firstly: It is known through the wisdom of the Maker, which is proved by all the wise benefits and purposes and the order in all creatures. For a wisdom that attaches universal wisdom to the most particular thing would not leave without wisdom and purpose the motion of particles, which demonstrate the greatest activity in the flood of the universe and are the means for embroideries full of wisdom. Also, a wisdom and sovereignty which does not leave the smallest creature without a wage, recompense, and perfection in its duties, would not leave its most numerous officials and principal servants without light, without a wage.

Secondly: By causing the motion of the elements and employing them, the All-Wise Maker raises them to the degree of minerals as though it was a wage of perfection, and instructs them in the glorification peculiar to minerals. And through causing the motion of minerals and employing them, He confers on them the rank of the degree of vegetable life. And by presenting vegetable life in the form of sustenance, He grants it, through its motion and employment, the degree of fineness of animal life. And through employing the particles in animals, He raises them by way of being sustenance to the degree of human life. And by purifying the particles in a human body through repeated filtering, and by favouring them, He promotes them to the most delicate and subtle places, which are the brain and the heart. From all this it may be understood that the motion of particles is not without wisdom, but that the particles are made to hasten to a sort of perfection worthy of themselves.

Thirdly: Among the particles in animate beings, some, like those in pips and seeds, receive such a light, fineness, and quality that they are like a spirit or a king to the rest of the particles, to a huge tree, for example. Thus, since among all the particles of a huge tree some rise to this rank through fulfilling their delicate duties and passing through the many stages in the life of the tree, it demonstrates that through the command of the All-Wise Maker these particles receive a fineness, light, rank, and instruction on account of and in honour of the Divine Names manifested on them in accordance with the sorts of motion that are the functions of their natures, and in honour of them.

To Conclude: Since(*) the All-Wise Maker has specified for everything a suitable point of perfection and an appropriate level of the effulgence of existence, by giving everything a disposition that will strive to reach that point of perfection, He drives them towards it. This ‘Law of Dominicality’ is in force in all plants and animals, as it is in inanimate beings, in which it promotes plain earth to the rank of diamonds and to the level of priceless jewels. Within this truth, the tip of a mighty ‘Law of Dominicality’ is apparent.

{(*) The sentence answering this 'since' and that at the beginning of the following six paragraphs is on page 581***.}

And since the All-Generous Creator bestows as payment to the animals He employs in the mighty law of generation a particular pleasure as a sort of wage. And He gives a wage of perfection to the animals employed in other dominical functions, like bees and nightingales, for example. He confers on them a level whereat they feel eagerness and receive pleasure. And within this the tip of a mighty ‘Law of Generosity’ is apparent.

And since the reality of everything looks to the manifestation of one of God Almighty’s Names, and is bound to it, and is a mirror to it; whatever beauty is apparent in each, it is due to the Name; the Name requires it to be thus. Whether or not the thing is aware of it, in the view of reality the beauty is demanded. And from this truth, the tip of a most mighty ‘Law of Beauty and Making Beautiful’ is apparent.

And since, as is necessitated by His law of generosity, when the life of a thing ends, the Generous Creator does not take back the rank and perfection He has bestowed on it, but makes permanent the fruits, results, and real meaning and identity of that bearer of perfection, and, if it has a spirit, its spirit. For example, He makes permanent the meanings and fruits of the perfections He has made manifest on man in this world. He will even return to a thankful believer the embodiment of the thanks and praise for the transient fruits that he has eaten in the form of a fruit of Paradise. And in this truth, the tip of a mighty ‘Law of Mercy’ is apparent.

And since the Peerless Creator wastes nothing, He does nothing in vain. He even utilizes in the creatures of springtime the material dŽbris of those of the previous autumn, who, having accomplished their duties, have died, including them in their construction. For sure, according to the meaning of,

On the Day the earth will be changed into another earth,1

and the indication of,

But, indeed, the life of the hereafter, that is the true life,2

it is indeed a requirement of wisdom that the particles of the earth, which are inanimate and unconscious yet perform important duties in this world, should be utilized and included in some of the constructions of the hereafter, the stones, the trees, and all things of which will most certainly be animate and conscious. For to leave in the world the particles of the world when it has been destroyed or to cast them into non-existence would be wasteful. And from this truth, the tip of truly mighty ‘Law of Wisdom’ is apparent.

And since the many results, meanings, and fruits of this world, and the woven pages of the acts and deeds, and the spirits and bodies, of those like jinn and human beings who are charged with the Trust are sent to the market of the hereafter. Certainly, it is a requirement of justice and wisdom that after receiving their particular perfection in accordance with the performance of their duties, the particles of the earth, which accompany and serve those fruits and meanings, will be included in the construction of the hereafter. That is, they will be included in it together with the dŽbris of this world, which will be destroyed, after many times serving and receiving the light of life, and after being the means for the glorifications of animate creatures. And from this truth, the tip of a truly mighty ‘Law of Justice’ is apparent.

And since, just as the spirit is dominant over the body, so the commands that bring things into existence, which are written by Divine Determining, are dominant over inanimate matter. Inanimate matter is able to assume a position and an order due to the immaterial writing of Divine Determining.

For example, in all kinds of eggs and sperm, and varieties of seeds and grains, matter acquires different ranks and lights according to the commands that bring things into existence, which are all written differently by Divine Determining. The inanimate matter of seeds, which is all the same in regard to its substance,(*) becomes the source of innumerable different beings. It obtains ranks and lights which are all different.

{(*) Indeed, the seeds are all compounds of the four elements; they are formed of matter like hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. Materially they may be considered to be the same; the difference between them lies only in the immaterial writing of Divine Determining.}

Most certainly, then, it is the requirement of an all-encompassing knowledge that if a particle has been repeatedly in the service of life and of the dominical glorifications that are in life, the wisdom of those meanings will be recorded on the immaterial forehead of the particle by the pen of Divine Determining, which neglects nothing at all. And in this, the tip of a truly mighty ‘Law of All-Encompassing Knowledge’ is apparent.

Since this is the case, particles are not without purpose.(*)

{(*) sentence is the answer to the word 'since' at the beginning of the preceding seven paragraphs. }

IN SHORT: Beyond the visible tips of each of the seven above-mentioned laws, that is, the ‘Law of Dominicality’, the ‘Law of Generosity’, the ‘Law of Beauty’, the ‘Law of Mercy’, the ‘Law of Wisdom’, the ‘Law of Justice’, and the ‘Law of All-Encompassing Knowledge’, and of a great many other vast laws, a Greatest Name and the greatest manifestation of that Greatest Name is pointed to. It may be understood from that manifestation that, like the rest of the creatures, the transformations of particles in this world are occurring with a sensitive balance measured with knowledge, according to the commands given by Divine power that bring things into existence, on the limits drawn by Divine Determining, for most exalted instances of wisdom. Simply, they are being prepared to go to another higher world.(*) In which case, the bodies of animate beings are each like schools, barracks, and guest-houses for the instruction of those travelling particles. It may be stated with certainty that it is so.

{(*) For, as may be observed, the light of life is kindled and scattered most freely in this turbid and lowly world with an activity that is extremely extensive, and a fresh light of life is illuminated widely, even in insignificant material and rotten substances, and that dense and insignificant matter is refined and polished with the light of life. This indicates clearly that this turbid and lifeless world is being dissolved, polished and made beautiful through the motion of particles and the light of life for the sake of another most subtle, exalted, pure and living world. It is as if it is being adorned in order to go to some subtle world. If those people, therefore, whose minds are so straitened that they cannot squeeze into them the idea of bodily resurrection look with the light of the Qur'an, they will see a 'Law of the Self-Subsistent One through which the universe subsists' that is so comprehensive as to resurrect all particles as though they were an army. It may be clearly seen to be in force and prevailing over creation.}


As is stated and proved in the First Word, all things say: “In the Name of God.” Thus, like all beings, all particles and all groups and particular assemblages of particles say: “In the Name of God” with the tongue of disposition, and they are in motion.

According to the meaning of the previous three Points, at the beginning of their motion all particles recite: “In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate” through the tongue of disposition. That is, “I am moving in the name of God, for His sake, with His permission, and through His power.” Then, like all creatures, at the end of their motion, all particles and all groups of particles declare through the tongue of disposition: “All praise be God, Sustainer of All the Worlds.” Each particle thus shows itself to be like the tip of a tiny pen of power tracing the embroideries of the skilfully-worked creatures, which are like odes of praise. Indeed, each of them is like the point of a needle turning on creatures, which in turn are like the records of a mighty, immaterial, dominical gramophone with innumerable arms; they cause those creatures to recite odes glorifying their Sustainer and to hymn praises to God.

They will cry out therein, “All Glory be unto You, O God!” And “Peace” will be their greeting therein. And their call will close with, “All praise is due to God, the Sustainer of All the Worlds!”1

All glory be unto You! We have no knowledge save that which You have taught us, indeed You are All-Knowing, All-Wise!2

O our Sustainer! Let not our hearts swerve from the truth after You have guided us, and bestow upon us the gift of Your grace; for, indeed, You are the Giver of Gifts.3

O God! Grant blessings to our master Muhammad that will be pleasing to You and fulfilment to his truth, and to his Family, his Companions, and his brothers, and grant them peace. And protect us and protect our religion. Amen. O Sustainer of All the Worlds!