Third Window

The army of all the various species of animals and plants on the face of the earth consists of four hundred thousand different groups.(*) Their being managed and raised with perfect balance and order through their sustenance, papers, weapons, uniforms, instructions, and demobilizations, which are all different with nothing being forgotten and none of them being confused, is a stamp of the Single One of Unity as brilliant as the sun which can in no way be doubted. Who other than One possessing boundless power, all-encompassing knowledge, and infinite wisdom could have any part in this administration, which is wondrous to the utmost degree. For if one who cannot administer and raise all together these species and nations, which are one within the other, interferes with one of them, he will throw the lot into disorder. Whereas according to the meaning of,

So turn your vision again, do you see any flaw?2

there is no sign of confusion. That means not so much as a finger can interfere.

{(*) The members of some of those groups, even, are more numerous than all the members of the human race from the time of Adam up to the Last Day.}