Perceived by our traveller at the second stage: the existence in the entirety of the cosmos, its pillars and parts and all the beings contained in it, of the most perfect order and regularity; the sameness of the substances and purposive beings that are the means of the rotation and administration of that vast kingdom and are connected to its general scheme; the fact that the Divine Names and deeds that are at work in that magnificent city, that vast exhibition, encompass and comprehend all things or most things, despite their being one within the other, and of the same nature, and the same, and their being the same Name and deed in every place; the fact that the elements and species that are the means for the administration, inhabiting, and construction of that well-adorned palace, cover the whole face of the earth in their diffusion, despite their being one within the other, of the same nature, and the same element and the same species being found everywhere — all of this demands, proves, and affirms, necessarily and self-evidently, the following:

The Maker and Disposer of this cosmos, the Monarch and Nurturer of this realm, the Master and Builder of this palace, is one, unique, sole. He has neither like nor peer, neither minister nor aide. He has neither partner nor opposite, he has neither inability nor deficiency. Yes, order is in itself a perfect expression of unity; it demands a single orderer. It leaves no place for the assignment of partners to God, the source of dispute and dissension.

There is a wise and precise order inherent in all things, whether universal or particular, from the total scheme of the cosmos and the daily and annual rotation of the earth down to the physiognomy of man, the complex of senses in man’s head and the circulation of white and red cells in man’s blood. Nothing other than One Absolutely Powerful and Absolutely Wise can stretch out its hand intentionally and creatively toward any thing, nor interfere with it. On the contrary, all things are recipients, means of manifestation, and passive.

Now, ordering, the pursuit of certain purposes and the bestowal of regularity with a view to certain benefits, can be done only by means of knowledge and wisdom and performed only with will and choice.

Certainly and in all events, this wisdom-nurturing regularity, this infinitely varied ordering of the cosmos that before our very eyes assures various benefits, proves and affirms to a self-evident degree that the Creator and Disposer of all beings is one, an agent possessing will and choice. Everything comes into being through His power, assumes a particular state through His will, and takes on a particular form through His choice.

The heat-giving lamp of this hospice that is the world is one; its candle that is the basis for the reckoning of time is one; its merciful sponge is one; its fiery cook is one; its life-giving beverage is one; its well-guarded field is one, as well as a thousand and one other instances of oneness. It follows from all of these instances of oneness that the Maker and Master of this hospice is also one, that He is extremely generous and hospitable, for He employs numerous high-ranking and great officials to serve the animate guests of His hospice.

Names such as All-Wise, Compassionate, Giver of Forms, Disposer, Quickener, and Nurturer, the impresses and manifestations of which are to be seen at work in every corner of the world, attributes such as wisdom, mercy, and grace, and acts such as formation, disposition and nurturing, are all one. They embrace every place in the utmost degree, each Name and act being present there.

They also complement the imprint of each other in such a way that it is as if those Names and deeds were uniting in such fashion that power becomes identical with wisdom and mercy, and wisdom becomes identical with grace and life. For example, as soon as the activity of the Name of Quickener appears in a thing, the activity of numerous other Names such as Creator, Giver of Form, and Provider, also appears at the same instant, everywhere, and in the same system. This of a certainty and self-evidently establishes and proves that that which is designated by the Names and the Doer of the comprehensive deeds that appear everywhere in the same fashion must also be one, single and unique. In this we believe and to this we give our assent!

The elements that are the substance and material of creation encompass the whole earth. Each of the species of creation that bears an imprint attesting unity is diffused throughout the earth in unity and, so to speak, conquers it. This also proves to the degree of being self-evident that those elements together with what they embrace, and those species, together with their separate members, are the product and property of a single being. They are the products and servants of so Unique and Powerful a One that He employs those vast and and imperious elements as obedient servants and those species diffused throughout the earth as well-disciplined soldiers. Since this truth also has been established and explained in other places in the Risale-i Nur, we content ourselves here with this brief indication.

In summary of the witnessings that he derived from these Five Truths, through the superabundance of faith and the joy of Divine unity, and in expression of his feelings, our traveller said to his heart:

Look upon the coloured page of the cosmic book;

See what forms the golden pen of power has traced.

No dark point remains for the gaze of the heart’s eye;

It is as if God has inscribed His signs with light.

Know too that:

The leaves in the world’s book are dimensions infinite;

The lines of time’s events are works innumerable.

Written on the workbench of the Preserved Tablet of reality,

A meaningful embodied word, is every being in this world.

Listen also to this:

When all things proclaim, “No god but God,” they will in unison say, “O Truth and Reality!” and beseech in harmony, “O Living One!” Yes, in all things there is a sign pointing to the fact that He is One.

Hearkening to this his heart and soul affirmed the truth of what they heard and said, “Yes, indeed!”

In brief allusion to the Five Truths of Unity observed by our traveller through the world, our voyager through the cosmos, at this Second Stopping-Place, it was said in the Second Chapter of the First Station:

There is no god but God, the One, the Unique, to Whose Unity in Necessary Existence points the witnessing of the truth of Grandeur and Sublimity, its perfection and comprehensiveness; the witnessing of the truth of the appearance of deeds in absolute fashion, in infinitude, without any limitation except that of God’s will and wisdom; the witnessing of the truth of the creation of beings in absolute multiplicity with absolute swiftness, the creation of creatures in absolute ease with absolute perfection, the origination of things made in absolute plenitude with utter perfection of artistry and value; the witnessing of the truth of the existence of beings in universal and comprehensive fashion, joined, interconnected and interrelated; the witnessing of the truth of universal order, an order incompatible with the assignation of partners to God; the witnessing of the unity of the sources of cosmic order, a unity that clearly attests the unity of their Maker; the unity of the Names and deeds that comprehend and permeate the universe; and the unity of the elements and species dispersed over the face of the earth in imperious fashion.