Then that restless traveller addressed his heart and said: “The fact that the people of faith, and particularly those affiliated with a sufi order, are constantly repeating the words, ‘no god but He,’ and recalling and proclaiming God’s unity, is an indication that the affirmation of God’s unity comprises many degrees. Such affirmation is moreover a most enjoyable, most valuable, and most exalted sacred duty, instinctive function, and act of worship. Let us then in order to attain a further degree, open the door of another stopping-place in this abode of instruction. For the true affirmation of God’s unity we seek is not some imaginary species of knowledge. It is rather an affirmation that in terms of logic is deemed the opposite of imagination, that is far more valuable than cognition based on imagination, that is the result of proof, that is designated a knowledge.”

The true affirmation of God’s unity is a judgement, a confirmation, an assent and acceptance that can find its Sustainer present with all things, that sees in all things a path leading to its Creator, and does not regard anything as an obstacle to His presence. For otherwise it would always be necessary to tear and cast aside the veil of the cosmos in order to find its Sustainer. “Onward, then,” said the traveller to himself, as he knocked at the door of God’s Sublimity and Grandeur. He entered the Stopping-Place of God’s deeds and workings, the world of creation and origination, and there he saw that five comprehensive truths were prevailing over the entire cosmos, and offering self-evident proof of the Divine unity.

THE FIRST TRUTH: That of Grandeur and Sublimity.

Since this truth is explained with different proofs in the Second Station of the Second Ray and various other places in the Risale-i Nur, we restrict ourselves here to the following:

The Being that creates and then administers at a single time and in a single fashion the stars that are thousands of years distant from each other; that creates at a single time and in a single form the countless members of the same species of flower, distributed over the east and the west, the north and south of the globe; that administers, nurtures, quickens, distinguishes and adorns more than two hundred thousand different types of plant and species of animal in five or six weeks, with the utmost regularity and equilibrium, without any confusion, defect or error, in order to provide every spring on the face of the earth more than a hundred thousand specimens of the supreme resurrection, and thus prove before man’s eyes a remarkable event, now belonging to the past and the realm of the Unseen, namely the creation of the heavens and the earth in six days, as indicated in the verse,

He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six days;1

the Being that causes the earth to revolve, as evidenced in the verse,

He merges night with day, and day with night,2

and turns the night into the page on which the events of the day are written — this same Being knows and administers according to His own will, all at the same time, the most secret and obscure thoughts that occur to men’s hearts. Since each of the aforementioned acts is in reality one act, it follows that their Glorious Doer is a Unique and Powerful Being, enjoying such grandeur and sublimity that nowhere, in nothing, in no way, does it leave the slightest possibility for the acceptance of partnership; on the contrary, it uproots all such possibility.

Since such sublime power and grandeur exist and since that grandeur is at the very apex of perfection and comprehends everything, it is certainly in no way possible to permit or allow any attribution of partners to that Unique and Powerful Being, for so doing would ascribe impotence or need to that power, fault to that grandeur, defect to that perfection, and impose restriction on that comprehensiveness. No sound intellect could deem this possible.

The assignment of partners to God, is then by virtue of the offence it causes to God’s Grandeur, the dignity of his Glory and His Sublimity, so grave a crime that the Qur’an of Miraculous Exposition decrees with an earnest threat,

God does not pardon the assignment to Him of a partner; He pardons whatever is lesser than that.1